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"There is no treatment or drug which can overcome or negate the effects of a poor diet, inadequate nutrition, lack of exercise, and an unhealthy lifestyle."   - David Getoff

What I feel are the most important areas which need to be addressed if you are trying to improve your health and reduce risk factors for future illness.
This program eliminates all the bad foods and includes all the good ones. I generally recommend that my patients eat according to this plan (strictly!) for at least 30 days. Most people feel so many benefits in energy, alertness, and blood sugar regulation, that they are amazed. There is a FREE PDF of the diet, that you can download and print out. Click for a copy of my Food Pyramid
The most important principles of health and wellness. What you need to think about before embarking on the road to better health. Traditional Naturopathy versus Medical Naturopathy Important sayings, quotes, and phrases to better show you my beliefs.
The word FACT is a very peculiar word indeed. It is all too often used to describe information that is not factual and never has been nor ever will be factual. This is generally done for one of two reasons.  1) The information is currently believed to be factual (the world is flat) by most of society.  OR  2) The prevailing recognized experts, insist on continuing to promote it as factual even in the face of a great deal of confounding scientific well researched and corroborated evidence, mostly because they have been saying and teaching it that way for years, and it is currently in our school textbooks and curriculum. Science, I have learned during my research in 2013, is often just as ignorant, stubborn and egocentric, as our medical pharmaceutical system.
My personal approach and philosophy regarding your journey toward good health including how it may relate to the traditional medical model. One of my most popular and informative office handouts.
This term is being completely misused. Those physicians who are dismantling our language really mean "selected research" based medicine with no regard whatsoever to a huge preponderance of clinical EVIDENCE.
Whenever I hear an extremely important lecture, I will try to get permission to put FREE MP3 recording of the lecture in this section for you to download and listen to. Check here every 4-6 months to see if I have added any new FREE recordings. This will be important educational & health related information which never "expires" or goes out of date.
In this area you will find some of my own published articles as well as some important articles which I have been given permission to make available on my web page for FREE. You will also find some important FREE lectures in MP3 format that you really need to listen to. Lean and Enjoy.
Many of you have been asking for this and I am finally working to make it happen. As soon as this area is completed, this button will take you to my library of educational lectures, classes, courses, and DVD's. You will also be able to purchase for one viewing or subscribe for longer access, my much longer courses and seminars- which will begin with my 2 day seminar on Detoxification and my 6 week course on Nutritional Supplements. New seminars or courses I record in the future will be added here, and hopefully, by the end of this year, my entire 10 week Optimal Health course will be available as a stand-alone course with its own pricing
Whenever I see an important video on YouTube, I will embed it here for you. Whenever I find an important video that I get permission to include on my web site, it will be here. If I decide to do some short educational videos myself, they will be here as well. Worth checking back every 3-5 months.
Over the years, I am continually asked to do interviews for various web and broadcast radio stations as well as summits. This area will include links to those recordings for which the person or organization which interviewed me has given me a link for my readers to access the recording.
The answer to all of your questions regarding how long it takes; what we will go over; what I will require from you; what you can expect; bringing a spouse, partner, parent, etc.; and my fees.
I am a professional speaker and have given numerous presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops for various organizations and on many health related topics. This area gives more information on what topics and venues I work with. Please feel free to contact me regarding questions, availability and speaking fees.
This is a partial list of supplements and diet changes that I utilize when treating patients in my practice who have cancer. For more complete information, you will need to purchase my cancer DVD/CD set.
Cancer is a special situation. Here I explain some of the differences in a cancer consultation, what you need to know, and what you may expect.
I have been teaching classes and giving lectures for many years. Both professional seminars and public classes and lectures will be listed here along with dates and descriptions.
For many years, I have been producing educational health videos on many topics. This is information which physicians are not taught in medical school. Important information to help you improve your health conditions if you so desire. I hope my DVD's will improve your health as they have thousands of others.
There is an abundance of scientific research on the dangerous and damaging effects that toxic metals cause in our bodies. Neurological diseases and memory loss are just two. What you don't know about mercury, lead, arsenic, etc., CAN hurt you. My Mercury in Fish Chart is here as well.
The word Quack is generally used in the description of a person who is misleading the public and claiming to be someone or something that he or she is not. This term is most often used in the health field to label or denigrate a person who is supposedly defrauding the public. Very often however, I see it being used to incorrectly and untruthfully label an honest and ethical holistic health professional whose beliefs differ from the mainstream beliefs being taught in medical or dental schools or to the public.
I have been studying and lecturing on the actual facts about vaccine research, myths, lies, politics, propaganda, risks, and overall safety issues for about two decades. Just like many other areas where massive profits completely skew what both the public and the medical profession are taught, the facts have become extremely elusive. My Important Videos button has a section containing quite a few experts presenting accurate information on this topic as does my MP3 section. I still felt the need to give this topic its own button.
This area is under construction. Check back later this year.
The use of energies in medicine is currently in the form of radiation such as X-rays, CAT scans, PET scans, MRI's etc. The use of energies for healing is completely different and should not be confused with the former. Come explore this exciting new field.
Lyme disease (often incorrectly referred to as Lyme's disease) is now at epidemic proportions in the U.S. Most individuals who have Lyme, are told they do not have Lyme. This is very sad since they feel awful and have no idea why and they trust their doctor to find the cause. 90% of my Lyme patients, were told they had negative blood tests for Lyme by various MD's before they decided to come to me. When I insisted that their physician order a better test (not Igenix) we got a positive result and began working to determine how to start their protocol. It takes a long time and is very slow (18 months to 3 years) and it is different for each patient, but the results are worth it.
Exercise is a funny thing. We all know it is beneficial. Most of us know we should do it either longer or more often. Some people actually do too much or a form of exercise that is slowly harming their body and they will pay for this as they get older. Join me for a brief video discussing a couple of the best forms of exercise.
Included here are a list of books and newsletters that I feel are outstanding and my descriptive review, plus helpful information about how you can obtain them.
Information or products designed or written specifically for health practitioners.
If you are interested in knowing which professional licenses I hold or which organizations and boards I am affiliated with, this is where you can quickly find out.
The more I work with patients and students to improve their knowledge and their health, the more thanks I feel to those mentors whose knowledge and experience and shoulders I stand on. One of those mentors is the famous Jonathan V. Wright, MD.
Related links or links that I feel may be of interest to my patients can be found here. This list will grow over time so be sure to check back here occasionally.
For almost a decade, I have wanted to write a personal prayer that properly verbalizes my desires and requests for help from the universe. I finally wrote it.
In addition to a photograph of my home/office taken from a mountain road 5 miles away, you will find a growing number of my favorite photographs.
There are many misconceptions regarding the idea of protecting the body from radiation. Actually, only a lead or concrete enclosure or bunker can "protect" you, as long as it is of adequate thickness for the type and level of radiation to be encountered. What is actually helpful is to understand what is needed to help the body cells, tissues and organs to be less damaged by the radiation as well as what is needed to help the tissues more rapidly repair themselves from the damage cause by the radiation. This is what this video covers and the text (almost exact) is also available as a PDF download.
Information regarding ways to get in touch with me and expected response times.
The United States is going downhill and we need to reverse this trend while it is still possible. Our infant mortality, lifespan, and healthcare are not even in the top 10 for the world.
Please read David's story of destruction concerning the effects of the 2007 Harris fire on his life and practice.
In various times I see things that don't fit anywhere on my website, which I would like you to read or see or hear. I will put these things in this area.
I have been asked many times to put some testimonials on my web site. I have resisted doing this for at least 15 years.
My reasons are that even the worst practitioners can pick a few people they were lucky enough to help, an those are the testimonials they put up. I am certain that even less ethical people may simply make them up. Since many of my very thankful patients have told me that they have friends or relatives which might come to see me if they could read or hear testimonials from others, I have decided to add some to my website.

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