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October 2007 Fire

     The following is a list of pages that are planned for the future on this Web site. They are listed here so that you will be aware of what is to come without having to constantly check individual pages to see if they are ready yet.

   Information of the Month --- Current health info that I will share each month or so. New and different topics or important pieces of information and study results will be posted here.

   Healing Your Pets --- Can you use herbs, vitamins, and diet changes to help improve the health of your pets? ... you bet you can!

   Holistic Health Practioners --- There are so many practitioners in the holistic field with just as many different initials after their names. Find out what the initials mean (and what they do not) and what some of these different practitioners are trained in and may be able to do for you.

   Holistic Health Legalities --- Here I will discuss some of the legal issues involved in the field of natural medicine and what has happened to practitioners who have run afoul of various establishment agencies. Learn what you should know to better protect yourself or your clients/patients.

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Note:  The information on this web site is for informational use only and is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical condition or to take the place of your physician. Always consult the appropriate health care professional when you have health problems that you feel might require professional attention.

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